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Outside Factors that Cause Acne

Outside Factors that Cause AcneOutside factors that cause acne are always easier to eliminate than internal ones. It is easy to understand, because it is always easier, for example, to constrain oneself and try not to remove acne by squeezing or picking, than cure oneself from some hormonal illnesses. There is, maybe, only one exclusion - environmental causes of acne, but it is a completely separate talk.

What are outside factors that cause acne?

Let's start from the very beginning. The best way to eliminate acne is to eliminate causes of it. As causes of acne can be versatile and there are different outside factors that cause acne, one should be attentive and try to take everything into account. But actually often these causes simply lie on the surface - as the causes of different consequences of acne do.

acne skin careSurely acne appears more frequently with the people who are not very much attentive to their hygiene and skin care. Wet clothes in hot weather and after training are a real enemy for your skin and a real friend for acne. If you do not practice taking showers and bathing - you are more than likely to obtain bad skin.

But not only carelessness concerning skin condition triggers appearance of acne. In some cases, excess and blundering skin care can also do more harm than good - this applies to various cosmetics that have bad influence on skin and thus cannot be regarded as beauty aids.

For example, oily creams are named as one of outside factors that cause acne; frequent application of different powders is not recommended as well as washing your makeup off every evening is strongly recommended, because some cosmetics can just block skin pores themselves.

acne treatment medicationThe abovementioned squeezing and picking can also be outside factors that cause acne. When you think that you have got rid of your problem than oops! - and it reoccurs, and you are the only one to blame. Don't be flippant with hands and remember, that it is better to turn to a specialist that can recommend a proper acne treatment medication.
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