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Natural Ways to Curb Appetite

Natural Ways to Curb AppetiteEliminating hunger pangs and cravings is one of the most difficult parts in losing weight. This is what one can experience when you think you are overweight and want to lose weight. Adjusting automatically to the conditions of losing weight when the body has been used to a certain amount of calorie is a difficult condition.

Appetite and Hunger

Appetite is the desire to eat. This desire can be influenced by many factors of which hunger plays a significant role. Most times, hunger increases one's appetite while sometimes, due to some psychological factors, hunger cannot influence appetite. This is when emotional imbalance supersedes hunger.

An increased appetite leads to the habit of snacking between meals. When you do unnecessary snacking, this can result in unnecessary weight gain. Most foods eaten during snacks are not totally healthy, though they can be satisfying. Snacks have a lot of carbohydrates which is fast in digestion and absorption. The increase in carbohydrate in the system leads to increase in blood sugar level. This causes the insulin system to trigger a regulatory mechanism acting on the level of sugar in the system.

Natural Ways to Curb Appetite and Lose Weight

SnackingAs one keep snacking and create a repeated sugar control mechanism by insulin system that begins to malfunction at a certain point in time. When this happens, it may lead to type 2 diabetes. Intake of too much calorie can also lead to excess in energy reserves and later converted to as it is stored under the skin. This is one reason it is important to find natural ways to curb appetite and lose weight.

Appetite, hunger and satisfaction are the three terms that are associated with eating. Certain hormones in the human body such as cholecystokinin, leptin, ghrelin and insulin influence these factors such as appetite, hunger and satisfaction. All the three hormones cause the body to experience some needs for nourishment. A person's behaviour and thoughts are affected.

The influence of one of the hormones come into play when a person feels a desire to eat when he is already full. When there is oversecretion of the hormone leptin, there is an intense appetite that can even make the person desire unhealthy foods.

Natural Ways to Curb Appetite and Lose WeightThere are several natural ways to curb appetite and manage snacking during the day:

  • Taking more meals in a 24 hour period but in smaller quantity can make someone feel full and at the same time consume fewer calories because the portion sizes have been cut down. This can lead to weight loss as the calorie content is reduced.
  • Eat three apples a day. This helps to curb appetite all through the day and also forces your weight to drop 2 pounds in a month. Apples are excellent because they have a high content of water, fiber, and they are easily taken anywhere.
  • Have fiber with your breakfast. Fibre only adds up to make you full with a reduced amount of calorie. Black-eyed peas, black beans and kidney beans are good examples of food that have high fibre content.
  • Ensure to drink water for the rest of the day in small quantities: this could be boring, but sometimes the craving is a sign of dehydration. So keep hunger at bay by sipping water between meals.
  • Eat eggs for breakfast. This enables you to get all your calories very early in the day so that the body will make good use of it all through the day. This is what prevents eating of junk foods that will give you an extra calorie resulting to excess calorie in the body.
  • If you must have snacks, make them healthy ones such as more fruit, nuts, raisins, or carrot sticks. Avoid all cakes, sweet biscuits, crisps, and cookies.
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