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Makeup as a Major Cause of Acne

Makeup Causes AcneEveryone knows major causes of acne: hormones, bad external conditions (including poor hygiene). But really why do we regard cosmetic as a negative impact source here? Can beauty preparations work not to cure acne, but, to the contrary, cause acne and other skin problems?

Causes of Acne

Yes, some kinds of makeup do not fit to some people, and some people have hypersensitivity to certain components of some makeup. But the case is not only in this. There also other reasons why cosmetic becomes not means for skin care (cosmetic is frequently regarded as the latter) but vice versa it turns into an enemy of our skin.

Adult AcneWhy do men have less acne than women? Although official statistics for this purpose does not exist, it is only known, that women visit doctors complaining on the problem with acne more often. But the matter is that men hormones, namely androgens, accelerate the activity of sebaceous glands, which produce oil for skin lubrication.

So men are actually oilier or greasier than women. And the oilier you are, the bigger is the possibility to gain acne - oil, mixed with dead skin (sometimes with dust or other matters, which are just uncalled on the skin) always tends to get into skin pores and fill them, causing appearance of the spots called acne.

But, in spite of the "oily" nature, men are more rarely seen at cosmetologists or dermatologist's cabinet. The reasons are three-fold: first is the fact that men regard the visit to cosmetologist as a women prerogative.

Second, men are usually more different to their small health problems and they would better bear acne than waste their time and self-esteem, wandering between hospitals.

Makeup is a Major Cause of Acne

And the third thing is that men usually don't use any makeup, especially for face, which creates natural conditions for their skin because makeup is a major cause of acne! Using oily creams and fine powders can be especially dangerous.

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