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Hormonal and Bacterial Acne

Hormonal and Bacterial AcneThe causes of acne are so multifarious that you never know from what side they will approach you. And in some cases you even do not know what to do, when acne suddenly appears on your skin. Of course this is stunning but you ought to hold on and, having calmed yourself, try to think and to know form where has this disaster come.

External Causes of Acne

Firstly, you should think over external causes of acne. Do you work in a dirty environment? Do you go in for sports often? Do you take a shower or bath often or no? What makeup do you use and does it contain much oil? Do you take any drugs influencing hormones or steroids?

Answering these questions will help you to solve some problems and to know, whether you suffer from acne related to external causes of their emergence. Remember, that in any case you should be frank with yourself and of course have all the information.

Internal Causes: Hormonal and Bacterial Acne

But there are causes of acne that cannot be detected in such way. These are of course internal causes that lead to hormonal and bacterial acne.

The most common internal cause is hormones and some other hormones-related causes of acne. Hormones responsible for appearance of hormonal acne are called androgens. You have nowhere to hide form them in your puberty, however in adult age androgens can also appear.

If you notice such a problem with you, you may influence it externally - e.g. stop taking steroids or birth control pills (or change the kind of the drug you take). This will help you avoid hormonal acne.

There also internal causes of acne not related to hormones. For example, bacteria. A tiny germ living on your skin can do such harm as dissolving skin sebum that makes follicles (skin pores) exposed to many external factors. This is called bacterial acne.

But sebum is not the 100% friend of our skin and enemy of bacterial acne. Too large sebum production is also harmful, blocking the pores together with dust or dead skin. This can be also related to hormones (usually these 2 factors act together).

Beside of these factors, you can also have genes that make you more likely to obtain acne, or bad inheritance in other words.

That's why causes of hormonal and bacterial acne are so versatile and that's why it's so important to find a good acne treatment.
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