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Herbal Metabolism Boosting Pills

Herbal Metabolism Boosting PillsWhile there is no "miracle weight loss pill" to allow you to lose weight without doing anything else, supplement pills can certainly make your path easier towards your weight loss goal.

Herbal metabolism boosting pills, in particular, can be some of the most effective ways to increase weight loss and trim fat quicker. Some are much more effective than others, so we've gathered a list of popular metabolism boosting ingredients to guide you in making the right choice of pill for your needs.


This herb was first discovered for improving the efficiency of insulin production and normalizing blood sugar levels for diabetics. Further study has been conducted to show that Fenugreek also doubles as a metabolism booster with no negative impact on the kidneys or liver. Although, it must be said, if you or your family has a history of diabetes, you should consult your physician before trying it.

CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid

This unusual combination of words is the name of a naturally occurring omega-6 fatty acid. You may be familiar with the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, well, CLA is an acid found in beef and dairy products. Instead of boosting the body's immune system, the omega-6 fatty acid is a fat-burning metabolism boosting pill that can be taken daily to help lose weight.


The science behind this commonly found drug shows that caffeine increases what is called thermogenesis, or the energy that is required to burn fat. Caffeine pills come in about the equivalent of two cups of coffee, which is a way to get the benefits of caffeine without the calories of your average cup of coffee. Caffeine speeds up the heart and the metabolism safely, it is commonly used as a pre-workout supplement by fitness experts and athletes.


Yohimbe can often be found in herbal metabolism boosting pills, this metabolism booster works by strengthening your norepinephrine hormone function, which assists in the breaking down of fat. Athletes will often take these to supplement their low fat/high muscle regimen. Yohimbine is a proven metabolism boosting ingredient that is safe to use and effective.


This is another common substance found in virtually every spicy food. As you might imagine, capsaicin works as a metabolism booster by causing your body to work up a sweat, even though the ingredient isn't physically hot. While capsaicin has only been proven to burn at-most 50 calories per day from a typical serving, its impact can add up over time and every little bit helps when you are struggling to lose weight.

Herbal Metabolism Boosting Pills

MetabolismThese are common ingredients of herbal metabolism boosting pills. If you are searching for a pill on the market and you find one that doesn't have any of these ingredients listed, you should play it safe and opt for better weight loss pills. Again, always consult your doctor when considering a major diet change or trying supplements that you have never had experience with, that way, if you do have an adverse reaction, your doctor will know what to do to help you.
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