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Fertility Treatment Products

The method of fertility analysis is used to reveal the amount of sperm produced. It also allows to conclude on the produced sperm quality and number.

The aim of such analysis is to find out whether the man is unproductive or he can have children. Every couple who can't have children faces the problem of infertility when there is something wrong with a man's sperm and a man requires fertility treatment products. After vasectomy or reversal vasectomy a fertility analysis is conducted to check how successful the surgery was.

Fertility Analysis

Fertility AnalysisThere are some tests that are usually implemented during a fertility analysis. Among them are:
  • Sperm count (or sperm concentration). This is done to evaluate the amount of semen that's contained in every ml of seminal fluid in every ejaculation volume.
  • Liquefaction time. This test is conducted to reveal the time spent on liquation. The matter is that sperm is thick at the moment of ejaculation only. The test determines how long it takes for sperm to become a liquid. It can take approximately 20 minutes or about that.
  • Sperm motility. By means of this test it is possible to check how much sperm moves along normally, besides, it is also possible to calculate how many sperms there are in the amount moving normally, which is called the motile density.
  • Sperm morphology. This test reveals the percentage of sperm with normal shape.
  • Ph levels test. It is necessary to identify semen acid-base balance, if the sperm is acidic or alkaline.
  • White blood cell number. Normally no white blood cells should be found in sperm.
  • Fructose level test. Fructose is a sugar which is normally found in sperm and provides it with energy. The test measures the amount of fructose.
If you are going to have a fertility analysis you should prepare for it in advance. It is recommended to exclude sexual intercourse with ejaculation 2-5 days prior to the procedure. You can also try fertility treatment products to enhance fertility. This step will guarantee your sperm count will be the highest you can have and this will ensure the reliability of the test's results.

Long abstinence, however, isn't good for the test because it can bring to the result that your sperm won't be active. That's why you shouldn't avoid sex for more than 1-2 weeks. Alcohol shouldn't be drunk for a few days. Moreover, you should inform your doctor about any medicines you take.

The sample of sperm is placed on a sample cup for fertility analysis. It is done at home or in the hospital, where test is conducted. Usually the man has to masturbate to provide the sample for analysis. Alternatively, it can be done after the sexual intercourse. Collect semen from condom and place it into some safe vessel.

Fertility Treatment Products

Fertility TreatmentYou can bring something to your life in order to make the quality of the sperm better. There are 2 simple and natural fertility treatment ways to increase the production of sperm and the power of ejaculation. The obvious thing but really important for the functioning of your body is to be hydrated.

When your body is dehydrated it doesn't functioning in a proper way that's why the amount of sperm can change to the worst. The amount of sperm your body produces depends directly on the mount of water you consume. It should be at least eight glasses a day if you want to maintain a healthy sperm level.

Some people decide to add fertility treatment products to their diet. Give preference to those that are natural, include minerals, vitamins and herbs. L-arginine, L-glysine and L-carnitine are amino acids necessary to maintain a good semen quantity. In addition to this, they influence the blood circulation to the penis and make the erections stronger every time.

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