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ED Treatment Foods

Sexuality and sexual health depend much on food we eat. Don't forget that your favorite stake or potatoes you've eaten for dinner leads to the increase of the problems in sexual sphere.

Some products can make your libido grow and improve your sexual life. And some food can help with certain sexual problems, such as ED (erectile dysfunction). Some types of food stimulate sexual activities even by their smells and odours.

ED Treatment Foods

ED Treatment FoodsThe following is a list of ED treatment foods every man can afford:

  1. Coffee

    The caffeine effect from a mug of Cappuccino increases your metabolic rate, boosts your blood circulation and may additionally improve the flow of blood to the male organ which may help you obtain a harder erection.

  2. Oysters

    Oysters are ED treatment foods well known for their ability to cope with sexual problems, and it is true, as they contain a lot of zinc and vitamin B6. Both components are responsible for testosterone production, which, in its turn, is an important hormone, able to help you deal with ED.

  3. Chillies

    Chillies are another blood vessel expander capable of spicing up your sexual life and helping you to get the boost. Keep this in mind every time your face flushes when you eat curry. From anatomical point of view the mechanism of hard-on is nothing but hydraulics: it is achieved by ample rush of blood (the liquid) into the penile blood vessels (the little tubes). Hence, the only things required for successful sexual activity are healthy blood vessels (the pipework) and heart (the pump).

  4. Bananas

    Bananas are also good for hearts. Potassium which they contain is good for health in many ways. It helps to keep an eye on blood circulation, reduce ED while keeping sodium level at a normal point. Potassium can also be received from oranges or potatoes' skin.

  5. Salmon

    Maintaining healthy blood consistency is another way to treat ED. And oily fish - such as trout, mackerel, salmon, and fresh tuna - contain omega-3 fatty acids that make blood less thick thus enhancing its flow. Eat fish twice a week to maintain healthy arteries.

  6. Pig meat

    Pork is recommended as a natural ED treatment food too, because it contains vitamin B1, which is very good for your nerves. If you are a vegetarian or just don't like pork, you can obtain vitamin B1 from beans and wholemeal bread.

  7. Cherries

    Cherries are rich in anthocyanins, chemicals that can be found in red, purple or blue fruit. Anthocyanins are vital for your artery walls as they prevent clogged arteries or the fatty plaques, which may lead to atherosclerosis. If you don't like cherries, set your eyes on berries. Or fruit with brightly coloured skin (for example peaches, plums or nectarines) will be also useful for your arteries.

  8. Onions

    All know that onions and garlic are useful but rare people are aware that it is so due to the phytochemical allicin that makes the blood thinner. It means that the arteries do not clot and clog. But onion-breath is not sexy at all. What should one do? Parsley or peppermints chewing will solve your problem!

  9. Wine

    Wine is also a tasty ED treatment food for your health, especially the red one. Antioxidant phytochemical resveratrol is the main healthy ingredient. It fights ED by increasing the level of nitric oxide. Wine helps you regain your penile erectile function the way Viagra does. It happens because nitric oxide makes your vessels expand. In case with Viagra only small vessels expand, but red wine is an ED treatment food that helps keep your major arteries healthy. But you must remember too much wine (more than two glasses) have a negative action on your penis hardness.
And remember, though there is a variety of prescription drugs as well as safe herbal pills and other medical erection problem treatment products, the first - the most difficult and the most important - step is a healthy diet and proper nutrition. Helpful ED treatment foods that can help you should contain zinc, vitamin E and fish oil. Harmful products are rich in fats, sugar, sodium.
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