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Causes of Overweight: Fast Food

Causes of Overweight: Fast FoodOverweight is one of the major health problems that are being faced by most of people nowadays. We are talking about a problem that affects millions of individuals, including children, regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.

For the last 50 years, there have been lots of medical researches that have confirmed the fact that our bodies have transformed from being healthy to being severely damaged by excess consumption of trans fats.

It never comes alone rather it brings lots of other dangerous diseases with it that can affect your life in serious manner. With this busy lifestyle, people don't care about their eating habits and are not able to put their body in any physical exercise due to shortage of time. With that said, when people consume a lot of sugar, especially from their unhealthy diets, it is accumulated in their bodies in the form of fat mass and causes obesity.

But think for a while. Is there anything more important than our health? No. Then why did we have become so careless about it?

Causes of Overweight

Obesity is a condition of overweight in which we gain excessive weight due to intake of extra calories. The excessive calories are then stored as fat around the body. When amount of caloric intake in our body is more than its actual requirement then it is not regulated properly inside and ultimately causes overweight.

Actually, there can be different problems that cause obesity.

  • For example, this includes hormonal fluctuations and changes. This may be seen during puberty, but most commonly happens in women during menopause and in men when their testosterone levels decline with age.
  • Some factors that may contribute to increased risk of becoming overweight are lifestyle choices, including smoking, physical inactivity, lack of exercise and alcohol intake.
  • The other factor that may increase the risk of gaining excess weight is medical conditions, including diabetes, heart and blood pressure diseases, and cancer.
  • Analysis reveals that this disease can be genetic or can be a result of our unhealthy eating practices; but in many cases fast food is one of the main causes of overweight.

Fast Food

Balance of calorie storage and burning in our body is affected by genetic makeup, expenditure of resting energy as well as amount of routine activities. These factors have been linked to obesity and metabolic disorders. Therefore, there are several questions that have to be answered to establish a correct strategy for the treatment of obesity.

If your body do required amount of work and consumes all calories on time then there are very rare chances of facing overweight issues but in case if you usually consume more energy than your body can actually consume then it will naturally lead to overweight. The excessive calories inside our body are stored in form of fats in adipose tissues; it causes enlargement of fat cells.

Why is Fast Food so Bad for Our Health?

Fast FoodStudies reveal that from past few years, the consumption of fast food is increased by a large amount; today people prefer to eat some junk food even at the time of typical food hours as like lunch or dinner. Actually fast food contains most of calories that are very difficult to digest for our body; ultimately it leads to unwanted fat storage and cause overweight.

Most fast food options come with fat, salt, artificial sweeteners, sodium, high amounts of carbs and calories. Moreover, if you eat fast food, it is easy to gain excess weight because of the higher amount of food you consume.

This food often contains artificial ingredients that make our brains feel good. Our brains, in return, want more of this feeling and increase appetite in order to receive more pleasure with fast food. Eating fast food is a problem not only for weight gain, but also for mental health. You literally become addicted to eating fast food - in the same way as people become addicted to drugs, alcohol, and smoking.

Results of Eating Fast Food Instead of Healthy Food Choices

Fast foods typically results in the following problems:

  • Higher caloric intake.
  • Higher fat storage.
  • Possesses higher amount of trans fats as well as saturated fat.
  • Higher level of sugar.
  • Contains more carbohydrates.
  • Have large amount of sodium or salt.
With all such ill-effects, fast food generally lead to very high body mass index or BMI that causes difficulties in body weight maintenance. This stuff decreases diet quality and provides some unhealthy choices for kids; this is the main cause for increasing rate of overweight in adolescents.

Fast Food for Children

Fast food is also associated with increasing risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes even in kids! When children get used to unhealthy food choices, they become addicted to the pleasure their brains receive from fast food.

And let's be honest, it is hard even for adults to step away from these feelings of happiness after eating another burger and drinking a glass of cola. When it comes to kid behavior, it is almost impossible to resist a temptation to have a junk snack instead of eating fruits and vegetables.

As per a report of year 2021, the consumption of fast food lead to total expenditure of $284.8 billion in one year and it presented a rise of about 13% from 2020.

Fast food use to attract more kids as well as youths and their eating habits are degrading day by day giving rise to various diseases.

How to Start a Healthy Diet?

If you really want to get rid of overweight issues it is good to control your eating habits and start with some healthy diet schedule. Try to include fruits, vegetables and natural weight loss pills in your routine diet to gain much better body balance.
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