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Bad Products for Acne

Bad products for acneProper diet is one of the things you should observe to get rid of acne. Your skin needs healthy nutrition to be healthy, i.e. not to have acne. What does it essentially mean?

This means, that if you are looking for the way to stop acne, you first of all should limit consumption of bad products for acne, some of them are listed below:

  1. Sweet and farinaceous products. Sugar, especially refined sugar can damage not only your teeth but also your skin in big quantities. Of course this doesn't imply eating lump sugar only. Various sweet products, like candies, ice-cream, carbonated beverages are hurtful for the skin. Natural juices and of course green tea are much more advisable to use.
  2. Nuts. It may seem odd but sometimes acne is caused by consumption of these products. Almond, hazelnut, walnut, peanuts (including peanut oil) and pistachios - all these can become factors of acne when consumed in great quantities. Definitely some quantity of nuts should still be used - they contain some essential minerals that are also useful for skin and other organs, for example, zinc.
  3. Dairy products. Milk and its products have somehow different impact on the skin, because milk contains hormones which are regarded as men hormones and provoke acne. This is so with milk products like curd, cream, ice cream and even cheese. Nevertheless, dairy should be consumed as a source of such minerals as potassium, which strengthens bones, teeth and skin.
  4. Meat. Meat naturally contains animal hormones, as well as hormones for growth which are frequently added into animal feed. These may cause acne as well.
  5. Fats. Too much fat is never good for skin, as it is never good when too much oil is produced by sebaceous glands (one of the most widespread causes if acne). This is the case with oily food also. At that natural oils are safer. So, cold extraction vegetable oils should be preferred. Besides, vegetable oils contain vitamins like vitamin E.
  6. Coffee. Caffeine provokes stresses which are also acne factors.
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