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Adult Acne Treatment Products

Adult AcneAdult acne is a crucial problem for its bearers. Does makeup have any meaning here? Adult men and adult women suffer from acne like their friends on misery who are in their adolescence. The scheme according to which acne form is the same to adult men and adult women and to teenagers.

Adult Acne

To follow this scheme, you must clearly realize what happens on your skin very night and day. First you should familiarize yourself with follicles. These are recessions in skin, out of which hairs come. There is an outlet of a sebaceous gland in each follicle. The gland produces oil, which lubricates hairs and skin. And in case if the follicle becomes blocked for some reason, all the oil accumulates in it.

Teenagers have their follicles (or pores) blocked because of a lot of dead scaled skin, coming into the pores. Adults can have other reasons, but initial cause can be burst of hormones called androgens (these are men hormones), which are generated in large quantities in growing teenage organism, but can be also present in excess quantity in a grown-up organism. Generally, more oil is produced if there are more hormones in an organism so the risk of getting adult acne significantly increases.

Causes of Adult Acne: Cosmetics

Adult Acne Treatment ProductsOne of the causes of adult acne can be improper use of cosmetics. Some women choose their makeup according to its price (the lower, the better in this case) and outer look.

But that is not correct actually - choosing beauty preparations, you should also pay attention on their content - for example, some cosmetics contain much oil so you ought to realize that all this will be added to your natural skin oil.

Check the ingredients of a cosmetic before buying it. Plus, some cosmetic preparations of bad quality (particularly different powders for maquillage) can block your pores themselves. So, a good thing to prevent adult acne is to choose proper makeup and wash it every evening - let your skin breathe!

Remember, that it is much harder to find an effective acne treatment than to try to prevent acne spots before they have appeared.

Hormonal Adult Acne

Every woman has to face with some things like bloating, cramping, mood swings and adult acne. It happens every month. Adult acne is considered to be influenced by hormones. However the researchers haven't got any answer on this very subject - until now. A new research established that about 50% of women suffer from the problem of this type.

Hormonal Adult AcneBeing a specific kind of acne, it is most probably that hormonal adult acne will not respond to such traditional adult acne treatment products as topical or systemic antibiotics or topical retinoids. Some indications that can help your doctor to diagnose hormonally-influenced adult acne, this includes acne breakouts during the last week before the period; report on irregular menstrual periods; oily skin of your face; frazonism (excessive hairiness on women) and high blood androgens level.

Hormonal adult acne usually begins at the age of 20 or 25 but it also can disturb teenagers and mature women, and is very persistent in women over 30 when they should look for specific adult acne treatment products. These individuals typically have skin lesions, particularly in the jaw line and chin area.

Although some people may experience acne episodes on the back or chest area, the majority of acne prone individuals have spots particularly on the facial area. Acne pimples are of three types: inflammatory papules, inflammatory nodules and comedones. But where are the causes of adult acne?

Causes of Adult Acne

A Doctor Find Causes of Adult AcneThere are many causes of adult acne. At the age of nine (before adolescence) dihydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS), an androgen, is produced by the adrenal glands. Other androgenic hormones - male growth hormone in female's system - like testosterone and dehydrotestosterone (DHT), take part in the pubertal period. These the body's hormones make the skin oil glands to produce more sebum (skin's natural oil).

This explains the fact that acne and oily skin are so common among teenagers. And, since boys have even more of those "male" hormones, the teen acne they have is more severe. Acne treatment is not an easy task when applied to teenagers due to frequent fluctuation of hormones. Good result can be achieved by first-line acne treatment products that include topical retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, and added by oral antibiotic.

Yet, the natural development of body brings forth intensive hormonal shifts that may turn the current acne treatment products into ineffective approach.

Adult Acne Treatment Products

Adult Acne Treatment ProductsMany women are happy because they don't need to look for adult acne treatment products at all. Still, some of them may not develop it until they are 20 or 30. When menstrual cycle begins, the level of estrogen is at its high with reduction of estrogen at the end of the period. As the ovaries start producing progesterone after ovulation, the hormone triggers the increased natural oil production by sebaceous glands. Extra oil is one of the causes of adult acne.

Sometimes hormones can also make pregnant women look for adult acne treatment products. At the time of the third trimester sebaceous glands' active work can provoke unpleasant breakouts. In rare cases adult acne can also be found after menopause, when levels of estrogen begin decreasing and testosterone turns into the dominant hormone.

Adult acne that develops during menstruation does not disappear without medical help. You should consult the dermatologist and choose proper adult acne treatment if you wish to get rid of adult acne completely.

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