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Acne Products Without Side Effects

Acne Products Without Side EffectsEvery treatment, even natural acne treatment should be done cautiously. Even though acne products usually don't have side effects, as well as they are safer and proved in use they also should be taken with awareness. Of course it is quite harsher with unnatural acne drugs.

Acne Treatment

Sometimes it happens that acne treatment becomes long-lasting and not very effective, in some extreme cases. In such occasions, when such reputed drugs as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid don't help, or in severe cases isotretinoin is used.

Severe AcneIsotretinoin is not a natural acne product. It is a synthetic form of vitamin A - one of the retinoids. Isotretinoin is the most powerful among them, having very strong effect on the skin. That's why doctors prescribe this drug when acne products without side effects are helpless.

Isotretinoin significantly decreases sebum production, which in big quantities is one of the main acne causers. It also normalizes the condition of follicles, relieving from inflammation.

But, as a strong drug, isotretinoin has strong side effects which appear not so rarely to consider it a safe preparation. And these side effects are rather multifarious - beginning from itching and ending with depressions and thoughts about suicide.

Acne Products Without Side Effects

Also isotretinoin is contraindicative to many people, among whom are pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with certain diseases like problems with liver, kidneys, also with diabetes etc. It is not advised to use this drug together with any other preparations containing vitamin A, in order not to have hypervitaminosis. In this case it's a good idea to look for acne products without side effects.

Think twice before using such preparations as isotretinoin. Acne products without side effects are much more preferable - at least you are not going to get new health problems. But nevertheless many people have to use isotretinoin as a last instance drug, having merely deteriorating action, able to eliminate inveterate and severe acne, however, with a high risk of bad consequences.
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